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Champagne, that bears the name of those who made it.



Champagne, that bears the name of those who made it.

Our Champagne House is a Family House, located in the Ardre valley. With a surface area of 9 hectares, the headquarter of our holding is located in Crugny in the old castle of the village, “La Charlette“.

Located in the heart of the Ardre valley, this small village of 650 inhabitants located 20 km away from Reims is rich in history. Indeed, when the kings of France went to be crowned in Reims, they usually spent a night in our region before going to the Reims Cathedral. According to the legend, King Charles VII slept at the Château de Crugny, “La Charlette” which means “small farm” in reference to the place.

Our savoir-faire is handed down from father to son. Jean planted the first vineyard plot in the 1960s… Patrick and Marie-José elaborated with passion the first vintages in 1977 and extended the estate.

Today, Jérôme and Aurélie perpetuate the family tradition by practicing sustainable viticulture with conviction.

Our farm is certified Sustainable Vinegrowing in Champagne and High Environmental Value since 2017.



The magnificence of the territory and strength of climate

The family vineyard situated near to Reims, in the heart of the valley of the Arde stretches over 9 hectares. Implanted in “Coteaux”, the vines find a rich fertile earth thanks to a sub-calcareous soil covered with a fine strain of clay. In Champagne the vines highly benefit from the oceanic influence and the low temperatures this leads to a slow and moderate maturation of the berries. The juices thus present the fundamental characteristics of champagne wines: finesse and freshness

On this family vineyard it is the nature of the land that guided the selection of the most suitable grape varieties: pinot noir, meunier and chardonnay.

Pinot noir gives the wine aromas of red fruits; it is the varietal which brings together both the body and the power.
The pinot meunier is supple and fruity. Its bouquet is intense: it evolves more quickly in time and gives the wine a full roundness.
The Chardonnay is the varietal of finesse. When young, it offers floral and sometimes mineral notes to the wines. Its slow evolution makes it an ideal complement for aging wines and champagnes.

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